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Emerald Avenue + Aisle Rocket Studios

September 26, 2014

Emerald Avenue challenged Aisle Rocket Studios to create a Destination Marketing Campaign to raise awareness and boost tourism to Southwest Michigan’s agribusiness destinations — wineries, distilleries, orchards and farm markets.

As part of the year-long campaign — and inspired by the subscription boxes like Birchbox, Julep and Graze — ARS created a fun and casual way to engage members of the media — an actual media kit. Included in each were artisan products and rural charm from each Emerald Avenue location (cherry jam, dried cherries and blueberries, whiskey barrel wood chip, wine bottle cork, and a vintage wine bottle label) and a new publication that acted as a source of material for the media to write their pieces.


The publication was The Emerald Avenue magazine — that helped define the brand’s essence and served as the focal point of the kit. The magazine’s purpose was to function as more than just a large brochure, as the magazine used imagery — both graphic and prose — to let consumers know what Emerald Avenue was all about.

The kits were sent to 40 members of the regional media and were bundled with Edible Michiana and Edible Chicago magazines. Sarah Jollay, Emerald Avenue president, received numerous inquiries from media reps to obtain more information about the cooperative. Editorial content was also posted to media blogs and online newsletters in addition to call-outs in a handful of publications.

Emerald Avenue was so enthused about The Emerald Avenue magazine they wanted to publish it annually and use it to add new members to the cooperative. Several of these members are also part of other tourist organizations and let Aisle Rocket and Emerald Avenue know they’d never received this level of attention and understanding for their businesses.