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We Are Top 20

May 11, 2017

We are top 20 most promising digital solution providers for 2017.

Each year, CIOReview Magazine assembles a panel of tech-savvy CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts to take a close look at where up-and-coming digital agencies are headed. Their work leads up to a Digital Marketing special issue showcasing 2017’s Top 20 Most-Promising Digital Marketers.

Aisle Rocket Studios is on the hotlist. Why? It’s simple…

For starters, we run like a lean startup that begins every day like its first.

It’s an exercise that takes constant head-checks and discipline — to approach every question-answer-decision-solution as completely new. It’s like a self-inflicted version of the movie <em>Groundhog Day </em>that keeps us working as a seamless, effective extension of our clients’ marketing teams, because…

We’re not advertisers. We’re builders.

We build experiences that move people. It’s no longer necessary to disrupt someone’s experience to sneak in an ad. What is vital is to take those great ideas, deliver them via a really, really…really customizable platform and drive it all with data — then adapt and never stop. It’s a sustainable ecosystem that can evolve at the speed of business. And it’s what our clients need and deserve.

We’re not technologists. We’re shopologists.

Any digital agency can execute a CRM, build a nice app or launch a digital campaign. Our team has carved out a niche focusing on how people make purchase decisions. Neuromarketing is a fun way to think of it. Segmentation, automation, creativity, algorithms, data mining, human intuition — our goal is to map the customer decision journey, one micro-moment at a time.

We use our common sense.

We don’t let knowledge weigh down our wisdom. And Rocket Labs is how we feed ourselves. It’s an ongoing program open to the entire agency, where uncommon ideas are encouraged, pitched, supported and explored. Several initiatives are always in play with others being field tested in partnership with our clients. Think language-learning BOTs, mixed reality, cloud-enabled virtual reality experiences — but also new ideas in process and workflow — plus proprietary ideas that we’re excited to say we can’t discuss (yet).

We’ll always be powered by the people.

Human capital might feel a little awkward to say, but it’s not wrong. Every business knows how integral the role of people is in its success. More than 250 strong, our team is an eclectic bunch of restless, strategic, curious, quirky, logical, funny, practical rocketeers that bends the limits of any org chart. And that’s just the way we love it. At ARS, people are 99%, if not 100%, of our value. We believe that basic human intuition is the highest form of intelligence.

We call it Rocket Science.

“We are in the client-intimacy business. Our clients see us as an extension of their team. We are their growth hackers and relentless problem solvers…”
-Kashif Zaman, Chief Digital Officer

To see why Kashif believes that the industry is looking for digital solution providers like us, read the cover story in the Marketing Special Edition 2017.