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ARS wins the 2011 CIMA “Best Cross Media Campaign” award

November 16, 2011

ARS and the 2011 Amana brand campaign took home what is arguably one of the biggest wins at the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association (CIMA) awards. Voted as Best Cross Media Campaign, it took a simple idea and made a big impact in a city known to be a hotbed for interactive innovation.

Cross Media Marketing is a concept that’s still evolving. Yet, Amana brand and partner ARS took the initiative to define what this concept can be and created a set of tactics that tells a story. By capitalizing on the capabilities of point-of-sale, mobile, apps and online media, the partners found an opportunity to change the way people shop for appliances.

The story starts in-store with point-of-sale signage placed next to Amana appliances, a gateway to the mobile campaign. Using QR codes, shoppers are served up short, fun videos featuring comedians talking about Amana® appliances. They are also directed to our “Help Me Choose” experience — an app, mobile, and online tool that makes looking and shopping for appliances fun, and more importantly, simple.

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