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ARS gives the Kenmore Genius blog a makeover

April 22, 2012


Social media is not just a vehicle for communication. It is more than just content and comments. It is an organic phenomenon, always changing alongside the people that interact with it.

We knew that in order to keep the Kenmore Genius blog fresh, not only did the content have to stay up to date, but also the format itself had to stay fresh, too.

While the blog’s content was interesting, it only served articles. Knowing that Kenmore produces more video content than any other appliance brand, the challenge wasn’t finding the right content. The question became “How do we leverage all this content?”

Understanding that the content would change, we knew that the format in which we presented that content would have to change, too. This gave us an opportunity to update the look to something fresh and functional.

Introducing the Kenmore Genius Blog

The newly transformed Kenmore Genius blog is a hub for all that value-added content. Now when you visit the blog, you enter a world of recipes, videos, posts and more.

The new Kenmore community was designed to visually inspire users and make it easier than ever to discover new content. With helpful filters, improved search functionality, Facebook commenting and plenty of visual inspiration, we changed the experience to be more engaging — making the medium as fresh as the content it provides.

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