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“Do Life. Not Dishes.” videos

May 15, 2013


Traditionally, appliance feature videos are chock full of useful information about what makes a complicated doodad run better, faster, and more efficiently. All this info is great, except for one thing — nobody is listening.

So when we were tasked with creating a video for the new line of Kenmore Elite® dishwashers, the first thing we did was throw out the idea of creating just one loooonnnnngg, dry, feature video. Instead, we focused on creating a feature-focused story with a human connection — urging viewers to “Do Life. Not Dishes.”

The strategy was to infuse a slice of life into each dishwasher feature, relating technology to everyday living in a way people can relate to. The idea was to visually relate the feature/benefit story by juxtaposing dynamic feature footage with matching lifestyle footage, driving featuring messaging home with pulse-point callouts. With four awesome new features, we had four stories to tell, so why not four quick videos? Short and sweet 15-second slices of life gave each feature its own time to shine.

Gone are the days of the one-minute video. The “Do Life. Not Dishes.” campaign, however, has been so well received that it’s taking on a life beyond its original intention. Outside of just and, leadership decided to use the videos in a new mobile initiative, in their Mother’s Day email and in the Kenmore Live Studio.