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Bold New Look. Same Awesomeness.

May 29, 2013

Refueled. Reignited. Relaunched.


Have questions? There are answers below.
1) What does ARS stand for?

Aisle Rocket Studios


2) What does Aisle Rocket Studios signify?

Well, it all started in the Aisle. For 30 years, we’ve learned what motivates people to purchase, in-store and online. Rocket represents a spirit of adventure, energy and innovation. In our Studios, sleeves are rolled up and a sense of experimentation and collaboration are ever-present.


3) What’s changing?

We’re always changing. This change reflects the idea that shopping is a seamless experience that can happen everywhere, not just in-store or online. We now have a strategic focus to bridge the physical and digital spaces. See our services.


4) What’s not?

We’re the same group of 250-plus über-achievers with a deep passion to be the most flexible partner for our clients.


5) Is there a new URL?

Yes, we’ve just launched


6) Will email addresses change?

Yes, those too. Our new email format will be first initial + last name + So if your contact is John Smith from Aisle Rocket Studios, his updated email address will be


7) Has ownership changed?

No, Aisle Rocket Studios is a privately owned company. Our fearless leader, Scott Norman, remains CEO and owner. Check out the rest of our leadership team.