Return on Ad Spend

BBQGuys Experienced Over 800% Incremental Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)


Customers Converted


Revenue Generated


Incremental ROAS

Optimized targeting & media mix drove higher ROAS for BBQGuys.


BBQGuys, an online retailer for outdoor living, was looking to spend their marketing dollars more efficiently with a targeted and measurable marketing approach. In addition, they wanted to learn about their best customers and implement a strategy where they targeted the right people, at the right time, with the right message. BBQGuys needed to make sure that every marketing dollar could be tied to cost of sale and ROAS.


Aisle Rocket provided insights on their best customers and developed a multichannel media plan that only targeted households with the highest propensity to buy. We utilized our first-party data expertise and technology to begin measuring their marketing effectiveness across all channels based on actual sales, not clicks or impressions.


Once the campaign launched, we were able to quickly apply learnings to optimize audience, media combination and offers. We’ve continued to scale the audience and introduce additional addressable media tactics as we’ve achieved over an 800% incremental ROAS consistently.

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