We Put Your Data to Work

Proprietary CDP / Predictive Modeling / Attribution and Reporting

Creating Your Best Outcomes with Intel-Driven Solutions

Our data scientists work hand in hand with our media and creative teams to understand past performance and predict the future.



We Work in Real Time

Our “read & react” approach has replaced the more traditional notion of “test and learn.” 
On-demand dashboards allow us to be nimble as we focus on your business needs.

We Make Data Digestible

We customize our dashboards based on your business needs. Our data-scientists not only know what to look for, but how to visualize it in a way that is easy for you to analyze and absorb.

We Maximize Your Budget

Do you know the most likely outcomes of changes to your marketing efforts? Probability-based projections facilitate efficiency and establish success thresholds for evaluation and reporting.

Consumer Data Platform (CDP)

If everyone has access to the same marketing tools, and the same media channels at the same price, how do you create a competitive marketing advantage? The answer lies in your brand’s unique marketing asset–first party data. We assemble your customer transactions, both revenue and campaign touches, into an easily accessible CDP that can be leveraged to understand who to reach, what to execute and how to take action.

Attribution & Analytics

To unlock the potential in your first party data we begin by identifying instances of the best outcomes you have seen and use those insights to create more successes. Who are your best customers? Which campaigns have produced the highest ROI? Which media channels contribute the most revenue? We uncover these “best” cases – fully explore and share them with you – and then use them to design, develop and deploy marketing efforts that succeed.

Predictive Modeling

It’s not enough to know “what” and “why” something happened. Continuous improvement requires projecting the impact of changes made on future revenue streams. We use predictive analytics to score best prospects and calculate expected returns on content modifications. We examine digital behavior at the session level to determine how the customer journey can be improved and to close the gaps in conversion. All of this will add up to better returns on your advertising spend.

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