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How Verizon’s self-imposed data privacy limits contributed to the demise of its media ambitions

The promise of owning content to deliver ads fueled by mobile subscriber data was a powerful lure driving Verizon to acquire two of the web’s oldest and best-known media brands.


Facebook, Google and Microsoft stocks reach records as Big Tech bounces back

Big Tech may be under siege, but its stocks are overperforming.


Facebook Analytics Will Shut Down On June 30 – Here’s Why That Is (And Isn’t) A Big Deal

With the muted bleat of a sad trombone, Facebook Analytics will soon be no more.

Mobile Marketing Magazine

Movers and Shakers: Twitch, Overstock, M&C Saatchi, Rakuten, and more

The mobile marketing industry is ever-changing, and that applies to the people as much as the technology. Movers & Shakers is our regular feature following the hottest hires in the industry, so you ca


Facebook: Ad Recession, What Recession? CPMs Rebound To 'Pre-Pandemic Levels'

Ad prices on Facebook have surged 30% over their 2020 levels, according to an analysis released today by performance marketing agency Aisle Rocket.


Facebook CPMs Are Back At Pre-Pandemic Levels – And They’re Still Growing

Well, they’re back to where they were and then some.


Reddit’s Short Squeeze Saga Exposes Challenges and Opportunities for All Brands

The marketing winners and losers when the internet comes knocking at your company's front door

Morning Brew

Unilever and Clorox Return to Facebook Post-Boycott

Just like when the dolphins and swans “returned” to Venetian canals, Clorox and Unilever have returned to Facebook, after boycotting the platform and its subsidiaries since June.


How The Turbulence of 2020 Affected Facebook Ad Price

New report analyzes the effects of the advertiser boycott and social justice protests

MarTech Series

Aisle Rocket Launches Advanced Predictive Analytics for Facebook Advertisers

New “CATIE” Solution Optimizes Facebook Ad Creative on Performance, Cost
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