Ecosystem: Owners The New Battle­ground.

In saturated markets, the owners’ experience is quickly becoming the biggest battleground for brands. And customer data platforms are finally ready to support truly innovative strategies. Success in IoT and loyalty platforms comes natural to Aisle Rocket, because we know that at the moment of purchase, it’s time to stop selling and start serving.

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Loyalty Platform A Community of Millions. Gamified.

Built from scratch. Curated by experts. It's the go-to social platform for enthusiasts to show off their DIY pride, find inspiration and follow step-by-step projects. Few could show off the Master Craftsman Shield as a badge of glory, but all of them could share their passion and win discounts along the way.

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IoT Platform: Craftsman Smart Lawn Pure Utility.

What’s possible with basic Bluetooth? A lot. With simple run-time data, we alert owners at key maintenance milestones, help order parts and coach them to do it all themselves. Integrate mowing schedules, weather and daylight features — and you have an app that’s truly useful.

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Post-Purchase Experience Welcome To The Family.

Capitalizing on the insight that it's 7X more expensive to attract new customers than retain existing ones, Whirlpool brand targeted recent owners with special care packages that amplified the brand purpose while lifting brand loyalty, repurchase intent and product registration.

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Amana Troubleshooter Empowering Owners.

A pillar of the brand’s Owners Center, Aisle Rocket curated troubleshooting flow for each major appliance. Owners browse topics and narrow searches to pinpoint the issue — while regular analysis and reporting pinpoint the most helpful content.